Attorneys in Ohio

AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell, Day Ketterer was founded in 1872 and is one of the oldest firms in the State of Ohio. Our team of attorneys has licensures to file claims in courts in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Specifically in Ohio, we are licensed in all Federal Courts including the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of International Trade, U.S. Court of Appeals - Sixth Circuit and Federal Circuit, U.S. Tax Court, as well as the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio.

David T. Andrews 330.680.7382
Richard W. Arnold 330.458.2017
James R. Blake 330.458.2019
John H. Brannen 330.458.2022
William S. Cline 330.458.2032
Jack B. Cooper 330.458.2033
Brian A. Coulter 330.458.2035
Robert B. Daane 330.458.2026
Hamilton DeSaussure Jr. 330.650.0257
Merle D. Evans III 330.458.2041
Blake R. Gerney 330.650.0017
Marc P. Gertz 330-255-0727
Stacey Tsarnas Hackenberg 330-255-0708
Jeffrey A. Hall 330.680.7384
Thomas E. Hartnett 330.458.2045
Paul B. Hervey 330.458.2157
Matthew R. Hochstetler 330.458.2029
J. Sean Keenan 330.458.2135
Jay E. Krasovec 330.458.2195
Wayne C. Kyhos 330.458.2043
Joshua A. Lemerman 330-255-0707
Stephen E. Matasich 330.458.2143
Robert J. McBride 330.458.2144
Jill C. McQueen 330.458.2161
Daniel A. Minkler 330.458.2159
John A. Murphy, Jr. 330.458.2146
Amy M. Ovecka 330.458.2160
Tim A. Powell 330.458.2164
Robert E. Roland 330.458.2166
Gary M. Rosen 330-255-0711
Margaret E Ruf 330.680.7485
Easton E. Saltsman 330.680.7454
David E. Schweighoefer 330.458.2142
Steven D. Shandor 330.458.2158
Colin G. Skinner 330.458.2179
Brandon O. Trent 330.458.2042
Peter G. Tsarnas 330-255-0735
George P. Tsarnas 330-255-0700
David G. Umbaugh 330.650.6608
Ann L. Wehener 330.458.2137
John R. Werren 330.458.2177
Gordon D. Woolbert, II 330.458.2027
Kimberly K. Wyss 330.458.2028
Matthew Yackshaw 330.458.2180