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Calamity Days

Jan 30, 2014

As you likely heard, Governor Kasich on Monday urged lawmakers to increase in the number of “calamity days” that a school is permitted to use.  Accordingly, two Bills have been introduced to the Ohio Assembly must pass a bill. While the BIlls Since that time, two competing—and substantively different—Bills have been introduced in the Ohio Assembly. 

S.B. 269.  As introduced, S.B. 269 would grant school districts and STEM schools three extra “calamity” days. This senate bill also addresses community schools.  Community schools, which operate under a different, total-hour calendar, would be credited with the hourly equivalent of “three school days” if—because of the weather—Community Schools do not meet their total hour requirements. 

H.B. 416.  H.B. 416, as introduced, would grant school districts and STEM schools four extra “calamity” days.  H.B. 416 does not provide any additional hours for community schools.  In other words, unlike the Senate Bill, community schools must meet the existing instructional-hour requirement and will not be given more hours to meet their hour requirement. 

We actively monitor all legislation that affects our school clients.  As this legislation is moving quickly—and will have significant impact on our clients—we have placed alerts to be apprised of any action on the legislation, including whether the legislation is passed. 

If you have any questions about the “extra” calamity day legislation, would like to be updated on the legislation as it moves forward, or if you have any other education law questions, please contact Maria L. Markakis, Chair of the Education Law Practice Group. 

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