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Calamity Days - Frequently Asked Questions

Feb 06, 2014

We have received a number of questions regarding calamity days and alternative ways to meet the state’s minimum day requirements.  Below are details on how your school may meet its statutory day requirements. 

Online Calamity Day Make-Up Plans

O.R.C. 3313.88 permits you to “make up” up to three calamity days through online lessons/blizzard bag instruction.  To be eligible to do this for this school year, you were to have submitted a plan by July 31, 2013.  This date has clearly passed.  As you may be aware, however, a number of school districts have recently submitted plans to ODE.  Although these schools missed the statutory deadline, ODE has indicated that it is still accepting and reviewing plans for the present school year.

ODE’s willingness to extend the deadline appears to stem from the number of calamity days schools have used.  While ODE is not observing the statutory deadline—and it is unclear how long ODE will continue to do so—submitting a Plan may be an option for your school to pursue.  The following need to be submitted to ODE:

  • a signed and dated board resolution,
  • a plan for compliance, and
  • a signed and dated written consent of the teacher’s employee representative. 

Please contact us if you need any assistance drafting an “Online Calamity Day Plan” or its corresponding documents.

Legislation for Additional “Calamity” Days

Additionally, the Ohio Legislature is considering legislation to grant additional calamity days.  Two different bills have been introduced, but neither has passed out of its respective house yet:

H.B. 416 would grant four additional calamity days to school districts.  This would give school districts a total of nine calamity days.
S.B. 269 would grant three additional calamity days to school districts.  This would give school districts a total of eight calamity days.

As these bills are still in their early stages, it is not clear if they will pass of if they will be amended.  We have placed alerts on the bills and will keep you advised should either bill become a law. 

Please contact us if you have any additional questions regarding calamity days legislation or the online make-up plans. 

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