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Community School Students will be able to Participate in their Home District Extracurricular Activities without Additional Restrictions

Jun 19, 2014

Governor Kasich recently signed into law a number of provisions affecting community schools.  One lesser discussed change will have a significant, positive impact on community schools: community school students will be able to participate in their home district’s extracurricular activities without additional restrictions.

The amended law provides that community school students “shall be afforded” the opportunity to participate in an extracurricular activity in the student’s home school district.  Significantly, this law removes all restrictions that previously prohibited most community students from participating in their home district’s extracurricular activities.

The previous law restricted participation in the home district’s extracurricular activities to (1) community school students in grades 7 to 12 who (2) attended a community school that was sponsored by the student’s home school district.  Additionally, the previous law permitted a school district to require a community school student to enroll and participate in an academic course at the school district.  Under the new law, all of these restrictions will be eliminated and prohibited. 

This will allow a community school student to participate in extracurricular activities in the same way as a student attending the school district.  As a result, community school students must be the appropriate grade age and grade level and must fulfill the same academic, nonacademic, and financial requirements as any other participant. 

When the law goes into effect, this amended law should have a positive effect on attracting new students and retaining existing community school students.

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