Day Ketterer Launches Estate Planning, Collaborative Divorce, and Education Law Blogs

September 4, 2014 - Day Ketterer, a Crain’s Cleveland Top 30 law firm serving clients across Ohio, continues to provide added value and resources to its clients and referral sources with the addition of three new blogs.

The blogs will cover Estate Planning, Collaborative Divorce, and Education Law and will be written by attorneys in their respective practice groups. Each blog will also feature guest posts from industry experts covering topics including the importance of valuations in divorce cases, how accountants are involved in the estate planning process, and legal issues faced by superintendents in Ohio schools.

Estate Planning involves planning for the possibility of a serious disability as well as the unfortunate certainty of death. When beginning the estate planning process, careful thought should be given to how to protect assets from creditors, the risk of a beneficiary’s later divorce, planning for a beneficiary who has a disability, the transfer of the family business, the minimization of probate fees and taxes, and more. In our Estate Planning Blog we’ll discuss these as well as many other frequently asked questions.

Collaborative Divorce is a relatively new process by which a husband and wife can achieve a more amicable divorce without engaging in adversary court proceedings. By the use of the collaborative process a married couple, guided by their attorneys, is encouraged to create their own divorce agreement which, once finalized, is presented to the judge to approve. Each attorney commits in writing to avoid the use of court litigation. Collaborative Divorce lawyers are trained to assist their clients in creating their own solutions, without the involvement of a judge. As a result, a collaborative divorce may be less expensive, take less time, and certainly is less adversarial. Through our Collaborative Divorce Blog we will cover how a collaborative process may help the client, spouse, and children during a trying time.

To The Point – An Education Law Blog will cover legislative updates and laws affecting schools throughout Ohio. Written by Day Ketterer’s Education Law Attorneys, we will provide insight into Ohio Legislature and how your school may be affected, keep you up-to-date on important deadlines, and cover many of the questions we frequently receive from school superintendents, principals, and other school leaders.

We welcome your questions and suggested topics. Please send any questions or topics you’d like covered to You can stay up-to-date on our blog posts by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn, subscribing via email or through our RSS Feed.

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