Ohio Shale Legal Resource Team

An Innovative & Collaborative Approach to Serving the Needs of Ohio residents and those in the Oil & Gas Industry in Ohio.   

Ohio Landowners, learn more about Day Ketterer's Oil and Gas Royalty Verification Program.                                   

Day Ketterer has assembled a group of its Real Estate, Corporate, Employment, and Litigation attorneys who bring a combination of legal and technical experience to landowners and businesses in the Ohio Oil and Gas Industry.  With an extensive understanding of the specialized issues affecting Ohio Oil and Gas businesses, our team of attorneys has the depth of experience to assist you and act as a resource when events or claims involve Ohio law or Ohio administrative procedures. Day Ketterer works hand-in-hand with you to help navigate the Ohio legal system.

The Day Ketterer Ohio Shale Legal Resource Team will work in collaboration with Ohio management teams to assist in areas of Ohio law such as:

  • Ohio Employment Law and Discrimination Claims
  • OSHA Issues Specific to Construction and the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Intentional Tort Claims
  • Ohio Workers' Compensation Law
  • Ohio Real Estate Law and Title Issues
  • Construction & Transportation Claims

The Oil & Gas Industry in Ohio is poised for substantial growth over the next several years, and Day Ketterer's team is ready to help Ohio landowners and businesses succeed by providing forward-thinking and cost-effective legal resources.

Team Members

Rick W. Arnold, Estate Planning
rarnold@dayketterer.com, Direct: 330.458.2017

Jack B. Cooper, Corporate Litigation
jbcooper@dayketterer.com, Direct: 330.458.2033

Thomas E. Hartnett, Real Estate & Construction Law  
tehartnett@dayketterer.com,  Direct: 330.458.2045

Jill C. McQueen, Labor & Employment Law  
jcmcqueen@dayketterer.com, Direct: 330.458.2161

John A. Murphy, Litigation, Construction & Transportation Claims 
jamurphy@dayketterer.com, Direct: 330.458.2146